Wyckoff Market Schematics, what are they? #

Well, Wyckoff learnt about market schematics by observing, studying and interacting with the most successful traders of his time. And by successful, I do not mean the most popular, but those who understood the markets well.

When he studied their behaviour he found out that there is a specific pattern in which these successful traders react to market opportunities. And if only retail traders would do the same they could become profitable too.

So to help them our Wyckoff introduced market schematics, which tried to explain on the charts the actions of smart money or those successful traders.

How do you identify accumulation and distribution? #

The four Wyckoff market phases are well known amongst traders retail and professional alike. We are talking about…

  • Accumulation
  • Mark Up
  • Distribution
  • Mark Down

Now the real question is is there something that will help us identify soon enough when one of this phase is nearing completion, so we can position ourselves for the next phase in the Wyckoff market cycles.

Wyckoff Market Schematics Applied to Nifty? #

Here is an example of how you can apply the schematics to real market situations. It is a very potent tool and can take your market understanding to the next level. But as always patience is required if you want to become really good at it…

But as you know this topic of Wyckoff Market Schematics goes much deeper than it appears and so do the benefits of it in your trading. but one thing I can promise is when you start applying these schematics to real market situations you will be amazed at the insights they reveal…

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