Why use Advanced Technical Analysis?

Why should you use advanced technical analysis techniques or philosophies? #

The first point is that these advanced technical analysis philosophies tell you the answer to the most important question in the markets, and that is…

“Why market does what it does?”. #

So unless and until you can figure out why the market moved higher, why the market moved lower, why it did not do anything for the longest of times. You will not be in a position. To exploit that information, that market behaviour, to make money for yourself. So this is a very, very important point.

The second point, these advanced technical analysis philosophies, as I have said, have stood the test of time. Some of them are almost a century old and some of them are at least, you know, five decades old. So these have been shared with the traders a long time back. Almost all of the philosophies are before my time, like before I was born. But still in today’s age, in today’s markets, when so many things have changed from the past, we have real-time data, we have advanced technical analysis, We have so many tools. You know, technological advancements are the information flow is almost instant.

Despite all these things. These principles, they still hold true, and that is what is something that never ceases to amaze me that something that was discovered so long ago, how can it still be so relevant and how can it help readers like us who make sense of the markets on a day to day basis?

Which advanced technical analysis techniques or philosophies we are going to learn? #

Wyckoff Market Cycles, Auction Market Theory, Innovation Adoption Curve

And in that specific order, there is a reason why we are studying these in that specific order. So what information will these studies, these philosophies give us about the markets, about ourselves, about ourselves as a trader.

Wyckoff Market Cycles #

Wyckoff market cycles will tell us, which phase is the market is currently in. We will find out that he has divided the market in a certain number of phases.

Auction Market Theory #

Then we go to the auction market theory. Auction market theory tells us why the markets go up and down.

Innovation Adoption Curve #

The innovation adoption curve, and it will tell us who we are competing against. Are we competing against strong traders, are we competing against weak traders?

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