1 – Steidlmayers 4 Steps of Market Development

What are 4 Steps Of Market Development? #

Steidlmayer’s 4 Step Of Market development is the steps market takes in completing one set of its development. What Peter found out is that this set keeps on repeating in the markets again and again. Once more I would say here that this is not some pattern recognition trade setup. This is how the actual development of the market happens.

Many traders are looking for quick answers to questions which some people have taken a lifetime to answer. Obviously, charlatans and snake oil salesmen will grab this opportunity and promise you things that seem too good to be true. Gullible traders fall for it and end up losing a lot of money.

Why these 4 steps are important to traders? #

Most of the times traders enter the markets with a false sense of superiority. They believe they know everything there is to know and end up paying the price. The beauty of markets is they won’t tell you in easy words what you are doing wrong, but they will wait let you make a few bucks and right when you are most confident deliver a death blow to your account and your confidence.

The 4 steps offered by Steidlmayer helps you figure out what the market is trying to do and based on that you can get a loose idea of what it will do in near future. You can use that information to device a trading plan.

What are Potential Auction Paths? #

I like to draw what I call as a potential auction path. They are the possible paths market can take in near future. If the market takes one of those routes you can use it as a confirmation and align your trades along that potential auction path.

You can check one of my live streaming sessions to get a feel of these potential auction paths and how I try and read the markets…

Here is an example of such potential auction paths that I share with my subscribers…

Nifty Potential Auction Paths
Nifty Potential Auction Paths

What are the 4 Steps Of Market Development? #

The 4 steps are…

  1. Imbalance
  2. Opposing activity
  3. Balance
  4. Continuation/Reversal

If you know what to look for to observe these 4 steps, then understanding markets can become very easy for you… I cover these 4 steps in great detail in the course.

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