15 – How to rate Market Profile Reference Levels?

Reference Levels in Market Profile #

Trading is all about reference levels. Many people have made a living by just sharing random numbers with overenthusiastic traders, much to the peril of these gullible followers. Reference levels in itself is not important.

What are different Market Profile References? #

  • YH – Yesterdays High
  • YL – Yesterdays Low
  • PH – Poor High
  • PL – Poor Low
  • POC – Point Of Control, and on and on…

Which of these are important? #

As I said earlier, a reference in itself is not important. What matters ia what market does when it reaches a particular reference. By judging the reaction you can understand whether that reference is important or not.

When you should look at market profile references? #

You should plan ahead and keep a list of important references handy. When the markets near any one of these references you can watch the markets closely for the signs of a potential breakout/breakdown or exhaustion.

Why should you look at references? #

References act as guideposts for your trading. You can monitor marfket development and put it in context based on how markets reacted to different reference levels.

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