2 – How to form Context using Market Profile?

Context & Market Profile #

These two words are synonymous with each other, and how to form context using market profile is one of the most gamechanging development of my trading career.

What is context? #

Context is nothing but the recent background development that has happened in the markets. Depending on your trading time frame you can go back a few days to a few months.

Why is context important? #

Well if you understand the context then trading becomes easy for you. Traders are not frustrated because markets went against them, but they get frustrated when they dont understand why markets wnet against them Context can help greatly in this scenario.

How to form context using Market Profile? #

Market profile is the best tool to understand the current context under wh9ich markets are developing. It can guide you in understanding correctly what markets did over the last few days to a couple of weeks…

When to look at context? #

Every time you want to make a decision in the markets, you need to be aware of the current context. It will help you correctly assess the risk of being long, short and flat in the markets.

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