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What Is Volume Spread Analysis?

There was a legend amongst traders, his name was To Williams, and what he did with a simple bar chart and volume indicator has changed the way we look at that information forever. If you are not aware of this tool then you are missing big time in your trading. Tom in his long trading career relied mostly on the teachings of Richard Wyckoff an even bigger legend in ther world of trading.

The magic that Tom did was he converted Wyckoff Analysis (mostly done on higher time frames) into something that can be applied to very short term charts as short as 1 minute charts. And the beauty is the principles that he taught us can be applied to a 1 minute chart and to a monthly periodicity chart as well. And it works equally well on both the charts.

Often Volume Spread Analysis is called at Wyckoff Analysis on steroids…

Volume Spread Analysis Indicator

The VSA indicator uses three parameters to come up with an idea as to what the smart money is trying to do on a particular bar. Yes the “smart money” concept was gicven to us by Tom Williams. I have used it in almost all sectionsof the DTF course, not only that I have used principles of different technical analysis tools like market profile, order flow and tried to identify smart money using that.

In short whenever I say smart money then I have identified them using teachings of 3 core philosophies covered under the Advanced Technical Analysis section and 3 techynical analysis tools namely…

  • Market profile
  • Order Flow
  • Volume Spread Analysis

Once again the tool/software I personally use is covered in detail in the course. Both how to use it and the exact same settings I use are shared in detail. yes DTF membership has it all…

Does Volume Spread Analysis work?

The answer is a resounding yes. It definitely works and works well. In fact in my early days with market profile and order flow I was always feeling that there was a gap in my analysis on market profile chart and that on the order flow chart.

Then one fine day I thought whether this VSA can bridge the gap and it did. Now I dont feel there is a gap in analysis when I move from market profile chart to order flow chart. The transition has become smooth by inserting a VSA chart in between the market profile and order flow chart.

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