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BellTPO Indicators

The first Indian company to offer Market profile and Order Flow charts. Now has expanded their tool kit with VSA and Options indicators too. I have been using their software for so long now. They have been reliable and very helpful in furthering my understanding of these complicated concepts like Market Profile, Order Flow, VSA, etc.

In the DTF membership I have covered the software I am using in great detail. Right from how to use it to the exact settings I use, I have shared everything. When you are dealing with an uncertain environment like markets its absolutely crucial to have tools you can rely on and BellTPO has never disappointed me on that front.

BellTPO Software I Use

Now there are many versions they have I personally use their Pro version, especially the following…

  • Bell Market Profile Pro
  • Bell Order Flow Pro
  • Bell VSA Pro
  • Bell Delta

BellTPO Special Offers has offered nice discounts to the members of the DTF Family. Once you join you can get special offers on the software inside. If you have any queries on the software feel free to chat with support team on their website…

Dean Basic Plan

  • Bell Market Profile Pro
  • Bell VSA pro
  • Bell Delta
  • Bell Delta​

Dean Premium Plan

  • Bell Market Profile Pro
  • Bell VSA pro
  • Bell Order Flow Pro
  • Bell Delta

Dean Trading Framework

Dean Trading Framework helps you learn powerful tools that can take your trading to next level in a systematic manner. The content is arranged in a logical sequence to help you make the most of it.

The topics included are…

  1. Advanced Technical Analysis Course English & Hindi
  2. Market Profile Course English & Hindi
  3. Order Flow Course English & Hindi
  4. Volume Spread Analysis Course English & Hindi
  5. Detailed discussion on the software I use and its settings…
  6. Special offers on the software I use…

There is much more to this topic of trading and we cover it in great detail in the DTF Membership. So if you are curious and want to bring consistent profitability in your trading consider subscribing to our quarterly membership…

Free Dean Trading Framework Masterclass

To know more about how the Dean Trading Framework works enrol for a free masterclass on DTF Membership. You will learn all about the membership here, answers to common questions like…

  • What topics are included in the membership?
  • How is the content delivered?
  • How the queries and questions are handled?
  • How long will you have access to the content?
  • What happens when your membership expires?
  • What about the new content that is added during your membership?
  • And many many more…