Have you heard about Options Trading?

Options trading has grabbed everyones interest in the last few years. They have always been popular but for the wrong reasons. Looked at as a get rich quick sceheme, they never did much for the retail traders. And the blame goes to retail traders for expecting something from the options instrument whcih it just cant provide, Big profits without…

  1. Sufficient capital in your account.
  2. Sufficient understanding of the options concepts.
  3. Lots of experience and screen time.
  4. Above all patience to wait for good trading opportunities.

Options Trading For Beginners

Beginners make many common mistakes when it comes to options, and that is why I am starting with a series which deals with option trading for beginners. Here you will learn all you need to know about options so that you can…

  1. Understand options correctly.
  2. Use them to manage risks in your positions.
  3. Use them to make consistent profits with very little risk.
  4. Avoid all the misconceptions and misinformation that is flying around on the internet.

It will take a lot of hard work to master these fantastic tools of risk management, but once you do you will be on your way to becoming the best trader you can.

I have made a detailed post about options trading for beginners, you can read it as well as watch the video here…

How to trade options?

The maximum number of videos on youtube that get engagement are “how to” videos. The reason is simple people are not interested in the “why” behind the subject, they just want to copy the next set of rules, systems, setups and get what they want. In case of options it is profits.

But to be able to understand the nitty gritties of the subject you need to answer all questions related to the subject, that is where this series comes in. it goes deep into the various pertinent questions related to the topic and helps you get true understanding of the options concepts.

But still there are a few things you can start with, especially a few mistakes you should avoid at all costs in the beginning, and that is what is covered in this post/video. You can read it here and you can wacth the video as well…

Is option trading a good idea?

Despite the tonnes and tonnes of material available on the internet on the subject of options trading, there are a mixed set of attitudes towards options amongst traders…

  1. They fear them.
  2. They look at them as a get rich quick scheme.
  3. They misunderstand them.
  4. They use it incorrectly, and on and on…

But there is a correct way to understand, trade and profit from options. To be able to do that you need to dispel certain myths about them and you can do that easily if you approach them correctly. In this post I try to dispel certain notions about options which are not helpful to the beginners and the experts alike. So go through it and find out whether options is a good idea. You can watch the video here and read the associated blog post…