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What is Advanced Technical Analysis?

Advanced technical analysis in DTf is a collectiopn of technical analysis methods that help you take prudent decisions inthe markets, under uncertain environments. These tools will help you segregate the useful information from the buch of noise that is always circulating in the markets.

This noise is purposefully created by the smart traders in the markets to misguide the retail traders like you and me. But with advanced technical analysis you will be able to spot these traps in time and avoid them. If you persist then you can become so good that you can anticipate these traps and even place your trades very close to the smart money.

Advaced techniques that we are going to learn do not have to complicated. Many people sell complexity in the name of being advanced, but that is trap and you sh9ould avoid it. The methods we have included in our advanced technical analysis course as you will find below are not complicated at all and also are not brand new. Infact some of them are decades old and still work perfectly in todays high volatility environment.

Does Advanced Technical Analysis really work?

This is the question I get often and most of the times. What traders are looking for is trade setups and systems that will eliminate efforts on their part. But please understand your trading will only improve if you take responsibility of your own trading.

Having said that the advanced technical analysis trading strategies that we cover in the DTf course will definitley help you in your trading. They will help you avoid bad trades which will reduce your trading mistakes by a great amount. Let us now see what are the different technical analysis methods that are available and the ones we have selected to be a part of DTF course and most importantly why we have selected them…

What are the methods of Technical Analysis?

There are many methods that fall under this category. A short list would include,

  • Elliott Wave Analysis
  • Wyckoff Market Cycles and Schematics
  • Alorithmic Trading
  • Auction Market Theory
  • Dow Theory
  • Innovation Adoption Curve
  • And many more…

Everyone thinks that their method is the best but in DTF we have applied a stringent criteria for selectiung the advanced technical analysis methods. All the mthods that did not meet the criteria were eliminated. And after aslmost a decade and half of experience in this field I have found that of the list above three methods fit the bill perfectly…

Advanced methods included in DTF are…

  1. Wyckoff Market Cycles and Schematics
  2. Auction Market Theory by Peter Steidlmayer
  3. Innovation Adoption Curve by E M Rogers

The framework covers these advanced tools of technical analysis in great detail. The reason these tools were selected are as follows…

  • The ability to answer the question “why markets do what tehy do?”
  • The ability to understand which market participants were behind the particular move.
  • A logical foundation for deciding what to do in the amrkets in given situation.

Because of the three filters above we could create a framework which is based on a sound logical foundation, and if you choose to join our DTF Membership you will be able to make consistent progress in your trading.

Step 1: Reduce your Mistakes

Traders want redymade recepies to apply to the markets and get immediate results, amrkets are seldom so simple. That is why they keep struggling. But our framework will help you understand and reduce your mistakes.

Step 2: Improve Your Decision Making

Once you start to recognise bad trades and avoid them, next step is to improve on the deciions you take in the markets. By applying the sound logic of the three advanced technical analytsis methods mentioned above you will be able to reduce the risk in your trades to great extent.

Step 3: Monitor risk on a continuous basis…

Here you learn the critical skill of monitoring risk on a continuouis basis not only when you enter the trade. Traders think a stop loss is risk management tool. In the course you will understand how smart moeny uses it agaist the retail traders like you and me. You will learn to overcome this drawback and manage your risks much much better.

Dean Trading Framework

Dean Trading Framework helps you learn powerful tools that can take your trading to next level in a systematic manner. The content is arranged in a logical sequence to help you make the most of it.

The topics included are…

  1. Advanced Technical Analysis Course English & Hindi
  2. Market Profile Course English & Hindi
  3. Order Flow Course English & Hindi
  4. Volume Spread Analysis Course English & Hindi
  5. Detailed discussion on the software I use and its settings…
  6. Special offers on the software I use…

There is much more to this topic of trading and we cover it in great detail in the DTF Membership. So if you are curious and want to bring consistent profitability in your trading consider subscribing to our quarterly membership…

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