Converge 2020

Attention Market Profile Users – Converge is back!!! #

Converge is a tradition, not an event. Every year I get a chance to participate in the Converge event. An opportunity to interact with so many like-minded traders like you.

A real opportunity to have fruitful interactions and expand our horizons when it comes to trading, especially Market Profile and other advanced tools like Volume Spread Analysis and Order Flow.

Converge is scheduled from Dec 16 to Dec 20, 2020 #

This year has been one with a lot of uncertainty, social distancing, quarantines and lockdown. The pandemic was unexpected and it has disrupted the regular life as we know of it. But that should not stop us from pursuing our goal of consistent trading profitability.

In fact, it was a golden opportunity to learn new things and sharpen our saw. To help you close this year with a bang Converge will be conducted, despite all the obstacles we faced this year.

Only change is it will be conducted online…

How can I join Converge 2020? #

Keeping in mind the troubles we all had to go through this year both emotionally and financially, this year the pricing has been kept extremely affordable. Our goal is to take this wonderful concept of Market profile and other advanced technical analysis tools to anyone who cares to put in the efforts to improve his/her trading…

Get all the details on how to join Converge 2020 on the below mentioned link…

Join Converge 2020 Here #

I hope to see you at Converge 2020…

What is my topic at Converge 2020? #

I will be talking for two days this time and the topics I am going to cover are as follow…

Day 1 #

  • Volume Spread Analysis
    • Review the basics.
    • Review the signals.
    • Review the sequential setups.
  • Volume Spread Analysis and Advanced Technical Analysis
    • We will see the underlying philosophies of VSA.
      • Wyckoff Market Cycles and Schematics
      • Innovation Adoption Curve
      • Auction Market Theory
  • We will look at how we can use VSA with Market profile…

Day 2 #

  • How to find trades using VSA?
    • Short Time Frames
    • Higher Time Frames
  • How to use Time Frame Analysis with VSA?
  • A word on what is Risk in trading?
  • How to manage risk using VSA?
    • Understand risk in the markets…
    • Assessing the risk in the markets…
    • Manage the risk in the markets…

This is just an overview of the topics, in the actual event we will dive much much deeper into the individual topics…

See you at Converge 2020 – grab your seats now, attractive pricing for a limited time only… #