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Wanna Try Before You Buy #

Market Profile, Order Flow and VSA Charts are not the most affordable things in the world. I try my best to teach these complex concepts to the best of my abilities. But sometimes you learn best by doing rather than listening or reading.

So however lucrative the deals offered by BellTPO are, you will always like to get a trial of this software, before you take the plunge. So, BellTPO has graciously accepted our request to offer trials to the DTF Quarterly Membership subs.

Those who have enrolled in the quarterly membership will get a one month trial absolutely free. The only expense you have to make is the real-time data for one month.

How to get the Dean Premium Plan One Month Trial? #

Step1: Enroll into the Dean Trading Framework Quarterly Membership.

Step 2: You will get an email with the link to purchase the data plan. Buy a one-month subscription of the data.

Step 3: You will receive one month trial for the Dean Premium Plan.

Note: At the end of one month the trial will expire. The trial cannot be extended. If you like what you see you will have to purchase the software to continue having access to BellTPO charts. Installation of the software and support will be done by

Dean Basic Plan #

  •  Bell Market Profile Pro
  •  Bell VSA pro
  •  Bell Delta

INR 39000 INR 30000

Dean Premium Plan #

  • Bell Market Profile Pro
  • Bell VSA pro
  • Bell Order Flow Pro
  • Bell Delta

INR 70000 INR 62500

No code required to get the discount…

Use code — DEANDTF to get the discount…

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