Crack The Profitability Equation
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Consistently Profitable Trader

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4 Steps To Consistent Trading Profitability

Step: 1 Better Market Understanding

Step 2: Better Trading Decisions

Step 3: Reduced Trading Mistakes

Step 4: Improved Overall Profitability

Anyone Can Learn Market Profile

Have you read my book yet?

I was just like you, a trader who aspired to trade full time. But the journey was not easy. The learnings were profound. And the experience was very enlightening...

I traded every possible instrument with all possible combinations of technical analysis tools.

Be it indicators, chart patterns, Elliott wave, price action, you name it I traded it. But little did I realize that real success was independent of the tool you use…

This is book is my story of developing as a trader, my struggles during that development and finally realizing my dream. Be a part of my journey, going from struggling with traditional technical analysis to discovering my passion Market profile. Let me help you achieve your dream of becoming a full-time and consistently profitable trader…


These underlying philosophies will build a strong foundation to build your market understanding on…

Toos We Use & Why

Market Profile Analysis

This wonderful tool will help you understand what the market is doing in the present…

Volume Spread Analysis

The only tool that covers all aspects of trading, namely logic, context and timing. It can be a trading system in itself…

Order Flow Analysis

Arguably the best timing tool in the business of trading. You can reduce your initial risk to a minimum using this tool…


Here are some commonly asked questions about the DTF Membership...

How long will I have access to the Course?

You will have 3 months of access at a time. Once your subscription expires your access will be revoked. To continue accessing you need to have an active membership.

Can I buy a lifetime membership?

No. DTF membership is an evergrowing course. I will keep adding new material to the course along with the regular live sessions for DTF members. That is why you cant get life time access to the course. You will get it for 3 months at a time and renew your subscription at the end of 3 months.

What topics are included in the course?

The course covers in detail the following topics...
Advanced Technical Analysis, Market Profile, Volume Spread Analysis, Order Flow Analysis
The course will help you understand all the topics even if you are a beginner or an advanced trader...

What software are required?

I personally use software. They provide an add-on for Ninja Trader 8. Ninja Trader 8 is free to use. Along with the software you will require realtime data for the instruments you want to trade. The data provider should be compatible with Ninja Trader 8. I personally use data service for the NSE FnO segment... provides a good discount on their software for DTF Subscribers. You will be able to avail of the discount offers once you subscribe to the DTF Quarterly Membership...

What are the prerequisites for the course?

Even though the course deals with some of the advanced and complex topics in trading, you need not be an experienced trader to learn them. Even if you have 1-2 years of trading in the markets you can definitely learn the concepts shared in this DTF Course.
Whatever Technical Analysis tools you were using earlier you can keep using them with DTF too.

How the course is delivered?

The course is a set of pre-recorded set of videos. The videos are arranged in the order which is best for learning these topics. So I urge you to follow the sequence of videos as shared in the course. As soon as you subscribe to the course you will get instant access to all the videos in the course. You can watch them any number of times, but downloading it is strictly prohibited.

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