DTF is growing every day. We started back in 2016 with my first ever Market Profile Course. Since then we have added VSA, Order Flow and now even Options to our course basket. We are in the process of developing an end to end solution for traders and you are welcome to join...

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Dean Trading Framework

What is DTF & DTFO all about?

DTF is a framework I have created by putting together my experience of Trading Business since 2005. I used not only my learnings of things that work but also my mistakes over the years to come up with as complete a course as possible.

This course is not one with ready made strategies and setups (so if you are looking for that just leave), but it will help you improve your market understanding.

I believe better market understanding will eventually give you a good chance to become a consistently profitable trader.

What is DTF?

What is DTFO?

DTFO is probably the most requested course I ever created. With the recent spike in interest in options everyone was eagerly awiting this.

When I was designing this course I wanted it to be in line with the earlier courses I have and the underlying philosophies for them.

Once again a typical options course will be filled with a collection strategies which work in every market condition, but in DTFO we are giving you a foundation that will help you build a strategy  from the scratch depending on the current market conditions...

Improved Market Understanding

Better Trading Decisions

Reduced Trading Mistakes

Correct Risk Assessment

Logical Options Strategies

Why join DTF/DTFO Family?

Consistent Trading Profitability

Technical Analysis

Market Profile

Order Flow

Volume Spread

Tools We Use

Meet Your Mentor

Dean has been trading since 2005. After trying almost every Technical Analysis method he has settled down on Market Profile as his main TA tool. He has structured his learnings in a coherent framework to make it easy for everyone else to follow...

In these courses he has sharedc a cohesive framework which will answer all your market related queries. Dean firmly believes in focusing on improving market understanding first. Blidly following methiods and systems designed by other will not result in long term success...

I was just like you, a trader who aspired to trade full time. But the journey was not easy. The learnings were profound. And the experience was very enlightening...
I traded every possible instrument with all possible combinations of technical analysis tools.
Be it indicators, chart patterns, Elliott wave, price action, you name it I traded it. But little did I realize that real success was independent of the tool you use…
This is book is my story of developing as a trader, my struggles during that development and finally realizing my dream. Be a part of my journey, going from struggling with traditional technical analysis to discovering my passion Market profile. Let me help you achieve your dream of becoming a full-time and consistently profitable trader…

Have you read my book yet?

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What you get when you join the DTF / DTFO Family?

Instant access to all the content on our website (depending on your membership)...

Topics Covered

Advanced Technical Analysis
     Wyckoff Market Cycles & Schematics
     Auction Market Theory
     Innovation Adoption Curve
     4 Steps of Market Development

Market Profile

Volume Spread Analysis

Order Flow Analysis

Options Trading (Detailed Course)

Live Sessions

Right now I am conducting 3 live sessions per week, the details are as follows. You can attend these live sessions on YouTube and inside the member's area. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here - LINK

Wednesday 8:30 PM - Market analysis and expiry trading strategies...
Thursday 11:30 AM - Market analysis and discussion on my trades...
Saturday 8:30 PM - Market analysis, current affairs related to markets, QnA, and lots of fun...


Access to an open to all Discord Group. You can discuss market-related queries with me and also interact with other members of our evergrowing community. Join here - LINK

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